You be the judge

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 02/20/2014

Remember in 2011, when talking about technical support I said we have to “change, change, change”? Well, we’re thinking about it again, and in fact at the beginning of the year we changed the way you access Pro Gamma support services.

The new support procedure was created in order to offer the best response to the specific needs of Instant Developer users: it can provide support in using the development environment or offer consultation in structuring your application as well as possible, or a need might arise to report a possible framework malfunction.

At the time, I had also said that only a keen observation of reality can really make a difference, that we can never stop asking ourselves “What are users saying?” And this is exactly the reason that after every interaction you can now tell us “How helpful was it?”, by giving a ranking from 1 through 5, and writing a comment if you want.

So far the experience has been positive: 75% of requests were handled during the first interaction, and the average ranking is 4.28. But there are lots of interactions that didn’t get ranked.

Once again I’m going to ask for your help, because I’ll never get tired of saying that your opinion is very important to us: give us your feedback, and don’t be shy about telling us exactly what you think. Vote, vote, vote. Vote, every time, always. Because we learn from your good votes as well as the bad.

For my part, I can tell you that periodically I’ll publish the results we get from the support department. What do you say? Shall we do this together?

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