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by Diego Pierangeli on 07/04/2014

One of the features that developers are often asked to include in web applications is the ability for users to write HTML-formatted text, for example to send an e-mail using the bold or italic modifiers. To do this, your application must contain an HTML editor.

With Instant Developer, it is very easy to include a WYSIWYG editor in your applications. Until version 13.0, the integrated tool was CKEditor, one of the most widely-used HTML editors on the web, but starting with version 13.1 you can also use an alternative editor.

We decided to develop our own editor to facilitate the customizations that many of our users have made to CKEditor, which required implementing plugins, an often complicated operation. Also, because the editor is integrated into the InDe framework, we have optimized editing and information exchange with the server.

I must say that when first asked to develop it, I immediately knew that it would require a very in-depth analysis and design, because a component like this is a very complex object. The starting point was to manage the functioning of editable IFrames and to standardize the functioning between the various browsers. When this was finished, we had to design and manage the toolbar with its commands and allow the commands to be sent also on the server side. The work was definitely very interesting.

The new features that simplify usage compared with CKEditor are the following:

  • You can specify from code which toolbar buttons to show or hide.
  • You can configure the list of colors to be used to set the background color or text color.
  • You can configure the list of fonts to be used.
  • You can insert an image, automatically loading it on the server. In this case, the OnFileUploaded event allows specifying where to copy it.
  • You can display a combo box with a list of tokens whose value will be automatically replaced with the text selected by the user or will be inserted at the position of the cursor.
  • You can command the editor from application code to control selection. You can also hide the entire editor toolbar and replace it with custom buttons.

But these are just some of the new features available. If you are interested, you can find the complete documentation in this chapter of the online reference.

Why not try it for yourself now? I would appreciate your feedback!

  •    Great, I can't wait to use it instead of the old editor!
  •    Interesting, but there are some CKEditor features I can't do without.
  •    For me, one editor is as good as any other.
  •    I don't use a WYSIWYG editor in my applications.
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