What I learned in 2013

by Giovanni Foschini on 12/18/2013

More than once this year we’ve insisted on the importance of mobile. Having come to the end of 2013, thinking back on everything that’s happened, I asked myself what I really learned.

Interest in mobile is now taken for granted, and the countless companies I’ve met over the last 12 months have asked me mostly for information on developing apps. But 2013 also showed me that the big news in mobile is not simply developing apps to replace or extend what we used to do with the PC. There’s much more! And it’s a cultural question, first and foremost.

Mobile has led to a new way of experiencing everything, a new way of handling company processes, of making purchases, and communicating.

It’s a new opportunity to do business for everyone, not just for people who make software. But to successfully tackle the challenges of the market, you can’t limit yourself to recreating for mobile what already existed; you have to look at emerging new scenarios and imagine new platforms and new services that capitalize on opportunities that were previously unthinkable.

There are new roads to explore, both in B2B and in B2C, and especially in B2E.

So, yet again, we’ve only just begun!

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