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by Giovanni Foschini on 01/30/2014

During demos it’s fairly common for companies to ask me for examples of applications made with Instant Developer, both to see what has already been made, and also in an attempt to find someone who might have already solved a given problem with In.de, so they can evaluate possible technological or commercial partnerships.

Sometimes I get calls from companies who need to create significant software projects and want to use Instant Developer, but don’t know who to turn to.

Even doing the best I can, I’m not certain that I’m always able to give the best advice, simply because I’m not aware of everything that our clients have actually created in these fourteen years of use. In fact, I have to say that on a number of occasions I’ve been surprised to discover the existence of extremely complex projects, sometimes already in production in leading companies, that I’d have liked to have told other people about.

Not being able to share these experiences, except by chance, seems such a shame!

This is how I came to the idea of promoting your products and projects on our website, by creating an area for Instant Developer Solution Providers!

We’d like to shift from what we’re doing now – collecting a few success stories from our clients – to offering an opportunity for everyone to showcase their own achievements with In.de. This way everyone can show off their own skills and abilities.

So I’ll be contacting you soon by email, but if any of you are already ready to go and interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch and send me your proposals. I’m looking forward to it!

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