WebRTC: collaboration without borders

by Antonio Marino on 09/28/2017

Web-based collaboration is increasingly more common, and many of us want to be able to work with our colleagues from our own daily environments as easily as we can using tools such Google Documents. And to be honest, sometimes we even want more.

In fact we can say that remote collaboration requires two things: working and communicating. Because more and more often, we need direct communication: we have to see and talk to each other over an audio-video connection.

In order to do so, we usually have to use at least two different kinds of software: one for working and the other for speaking. We all do it from time to time, but it’s cumbersome, not very efficient, and sometimes it’s inconvenient.

What if it were possible to have a telecollaboration tool built right into the application that could meet these needs?

With Instant Developer Cloud, it is! In fact, it has existed for some time, thanks to WebRTC.

The real news today is that Apple has introduced support for WebRTC in iOS11, allowing for real-time communications between applications in every production environment, whether it’s an iOS or Android mobile app or web apps in the browser. As of today, collaboration is truly without borders.

I really enjoyed working on the project we used to integrate this technology into Instant Developer Cloud:

  • in the IDE you can work with colleagues on the same project relying on the video link;
  • telecollaboration between apps allows two separate clients to share the same session and set up a video link;
  • the framework component makes it possible to create apps that can make video calls.

It’s incredibly easy to try out telecollaboration from the Instant Developer Cloud IDE: just open a project, click the User icon on the upper right, and share the connection link with a colleague.

To see telecollaboration between apps in action, enable the Telecollaboration flag in the app launch menu and implement the onConnectingClient event for the app, writing:

// a=audio – v=video
settings.ownerStream = “av”;
settings.guestStream = “av”;

Have you ever thought of developing an application with these functions?
With this technology available, does anything come to mind?

The Pro Gamma team is more than ready to (tele)collaborate to help you with your projects.

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