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by Vittoria Marino on 07/16/2018

Your new application is ready, it’s been tested, published, and debugged. But you can’t stop there if you want a successful application.

The most important thing to consider is user opinion: knowing what the people who use your app think is crucial to your ability to evolve in the right direction and increase the satisfaction (and number) of your users.

You need an integrated mechanism that doesn’t require special setup and that’s easy to use.

That’s why in version 18-006 we’ve introduced an integrated system to collect and manage feedback from users of applications developed with Instant Developer Cloud.

It’s very easy to try out this new functionality: simply enable the service on the server where the application is installed, and then write these lines in the onStart event:

app.feedback.enabled = true;
// for offline apps you need to specify the URL
// of the online application installed on the server
app.feedback.serverUrl = “https://<domain>/<appName>

Users can provide feedback in two ways: one is managed by the application toolbar in preview and the other is triggered by the app code itself.

In preview, the user sees the same toolbar you do when you launch the app from the IDE. From there they can enter feedback, attaching a screenshot, and they also have the option to use a marker if the report concerns a very specific part of the user interface. They can also see the feedback left by other testers, leave comments, and vote.

Popups for entering feedback can be opened from application code, with the possible option to attach screenshots of the view currently displayed.

Enter the project detail view from the console and use the Issues – Feedback menu command to access the list of all user reports, with their respective votes, comments, and screenshots.

Now it’s your turn to try. To see the effect of an app in preview you can open the preview for the Mobile Design Patterns example. In the console you’ll find a bug button in the upper toolbar; use it to send us your reports.

We’re ready for your feedback now!
We’ll be waiting.

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