Updated is better

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 11/27/2013

The world of IT is always evolving, and there’s never a good time for we developers to lower our guard. Just last month the implementation of the Chrome 30 rendering engine, Blink, caused trouble for no small number of websites.

Now it’s Internet Explorer 11’s turn – it’s the first major version of the Microsoft browser to be released through an automatic update, and the first to deliver a significant change to the User Agent: the MSIE string was removed. This is no small change, because there are many applications that recognize the browser precisely by looking for “MSIE” in the User Agent property. Just a glance at what developers are saying online is enough to tell us how many applications were hit by the change.

For applications created with Instant Developer there’s no need to worry, because thanks to support for IE10 implemented since version 12.0, the new version of the Microsoft browser is already recognized correctly. Things are different for Instant Developer 11.5 and previous versions, because Internet Explorer was at version 9 when Instant Developer 11.5 was released. Applications compiled with this version will still work, but without the differential rendering engine activated.

This strong dynamic element to our sector is the reason that I always keep projects aligned to the most recent version available. The updating procedure is very quick, and ensures that you’ll always have state-of-the-art applications.

Updated is better.

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