Training? It will be easier starting in September

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 07/10/2013

We have been searching for a new training tool for Instant Developer for some time now. The new training offer that Giovanni presented at the beginning of the year was a step in the right direction, and also when we spoke about Webinars in the past, we hoped to apply an online technology to a new type of course.

When speaking of online courses, it is very important to find the right tool: Teamviewer was a promising system, but lacked a few features that interested us. We thought about Google Hangout, but it did not convince us fully.

Then, in order to stay in contact with our overseas collaborators, we started using Cisco’s WebEx: it is software that makes it possible to easily hold audio video meetings, also with many people, sharing the desktop of anyone of the participants and is started without installation and, above all, works very well.

It is thanks to this tool that I have the pleasure of presenting you with our new training offer: Instant Developer courses in a virtual classroom, which will be held starting this Fall and are structured in two levels:

  • Instant Developer Base course
  • Instant Developer Mobile course

They last two weeks and are divided into six 90 minutes lessons, each of which includes both explanations as well as exercises. The number of participants can vary from one to seven, and the price per person varies based on the number.

Plus, the lessons will be recorded, which offers two interesting advantages: the participants can go over the entire course they purchased again and if necessary, it will be possible to immediately start with self-training without having to wait for a new cycle to start.

If you are interested contact us immediately, because we already have many registrations!

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1 Warren Dulnuan 09/05/2013 at 4:16 PM

I am interested in the training. I want to register and how much is the cost of the training? Thanks!

2 Giuseppe Lanzi 09/09/2013 at 1:08 PM

The information about the virtual classes will be published in the next few weeks. Thanks for checking.

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