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by Luca Baldini on 07/17/2013

Two weeks ago, we released Instant Developer 12.1 and I am happy to see that many of you are already using it successfully. The moment has come for us to decide about which new features should be implemented in October’s 12.5 version and to start with development. In the next version we want to continue placing attention on creating mobile apps, in order to always provide a state-of-the-art solution.

As usual, your opinion was our starting point. Do you know which features you found to be the most interesting? Interface versatility, synchronization, and notifications. Therefore, we decided to:

  • add the new iOS7 style graphical theme to effortlessly keep the layout of your apps developed for Apple devices updated;
  • speed up synchronization performance and exchange data in the background;
  • permit use of side popup panels in Windows 8 style;
  • implement a local and global notification system.

These are all great features, but they don’t really involve me very much. For this reason, I want to dedicate myself to something particularly complex, something more suited to my personality. As a result, I realized I wanted to start working again with Team Works in order to further improve the experience of working in a group.

I don’t want to give anything else away, but I promise I will write more about this after summer vacation. For now, please keep following the Instant Developer Roadmap and continue helping us select the features for upcoming versions.

I wish everyone a good summer!

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