The Windows 8 gamble

by Diego Pierangeli on 03/13/2013

On October 26th, 2012, Microsoft released the latest version of its operating system. It’s a very important step for the company from Redmond, because it represents its first attempt to gain some credit in the mobile world, which everyone sees as the future.

Early days were unsteady, and even a few months later there is still a lot of ground to cover, especially in terms of the applications available. But it’s all still out there to play for: we’re confident that as time passes this new product can become increasingly interesting, especially in the business arena.

That’s why we wanted to bet on the new Windows straight out of the gate: Instant Developer is now the first development environment that, working from a single code base, can create applications usable by iOS, Android, and even Windows RT.

Instant Developer 12 creates a Visual Studio project containing the native shell, which provides the native functionalities of the device. These include:

  • support for SQLite databases;
  • integration with the file system;
  • shooting photos;
  • recording and playback of an audio file;
  • geolocation.

But there’s more. Thanks to the functionalities offered by the operating system, applications created for Windows RT are also fully compatible with Windows 8, and can be published on the Windows Store. So you don’t even need a specific device in order to test offline applications.

The final version of Instant Developer 12.0 will be available next weekend. Now you can bet on Windows 8 without risking a thing.

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