The importance of marketing

by Giovanni Foschini on 02/28/2014

Many technology companies are born from passion, and therefore some have a largely technical approach, which continues to characterize them even once the entrepreneur ends up working mostly on strategic and sales issues.

Companies with this perspective are very good at assessing and responding technically to the needs of their customers, but they have more trouble when they need to develop new business opportunities, and they often tend to undervalue marketing, doing it only casually and without much conviction.

I say this even looking back on my own experience, given that in truth I myself am a “technical” guy who became a “salesman”, but today it’s increasingly clear to me how important marketing truly is. In fact, it’s crucial when you’re aiming to expand your business.

Readying a budget is not enough; you also need to view marketing like a project in itself, with all the various stages of analysis, execution, monitoring of results, and continuous improvement.

Personally, I started by looking at what other companies were doing, as well as gathering information by reading articles on marketing. I’d like to point out one of them to you that I found interesting, because in addition to summarizing certain aspects that should always be kept in mind, it also shakes up the classic concept of the marketing funnel, focusing not only on people who aren’t customers yet but also those who already are!

For example, we have also launched new marketing projects that involve our current clients. Perhaps you remember in my last post, What are you capable of?, I asked you to tell us about what you’ve made with Instant Developer, in order to invite you to become an Instant Developer Solution Provider. Plus, I don’t think there is any better way to demonstrate your value than to showcase the success of your clients!

And what do you think about marketing? What are you doing to expand your market and set yourself apart from the rest?

If you’re not doing anything, remember what Ford said: “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” Do you know anyone who’s been able to do that?

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