The dominance of the database

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 11/20/2013

A few days ago I read an article with a peculiar title: “Everything you use is a database application.”

I’d never thought about it in these terms, but in reality, nearly every application we use online is based on a database. The pairing of application and database is now something we simply take for granted.

The reason I decided to share the article with you is because of something it said near the end, in discussing web applications: “The dominance of the database has limited how we think about new web products, worrying more about apps that store and retrieve information than apps that connect us in real time.”

That’s food for thought: both intriguing and far from obvious. How many times have you seen, or perhaps even made, applications whose interaction with the user is dictated by the structure of the database? Instead, the application interface should be designed based on the process, not modeled on the structure of the data.

And you? What do you think ought to guide the design of a good application?

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