The app that laid the golden egg for Gemoro

by Matteo Morini on 05/14/2015

I could hardly wait for it to come time to tell you about the new success story we’ve prepared. This time, we’re talking about Aurum PocketOffice, the 100% mobile direct selling suite developed by Systech.

Almost everyday I find myself talking to companies interested in expanding their software offer to mobile. Most of them already have all the details of the project in mind, but when it comes time to plan the development, many of these mobile projects get pushed to back to some later date, to be decided. Often the reason is: “Only a few customers ask for these solutions. This sort of investment wouldn’t deliver any financial advantages – it would only boost our image.”

When interviewing the staff at Systech I got a different answer: there are more and more areas in which the decision to use mobile applications delivers considerable operating advantages. The story of Gemoro, the star of this Solution Showcase, speaks for itself: when transitioning from a laptop to PocketOffice, sales agents saw their productivity rise by 40%!

Clearly, application development has to be expedient not just for the customer, but also for the software company. That is why it’s critically important to choose whether to develop apps in the native language, which while requiring a greater investment of time, also ensures better performance for your applications, or using a hybrid language, which instead makes it possible to use the app developed on any device. For many business apps today, developing in a hybrid language offers greater advantages, and in fact it’s no accident that the most recent estimates from Gartner confirm that more than 80% of business applications are developed this way.

All of this confirms that there are a growing number of sectors in which the mobile approach adds value, and thanks to tools like Instant Developer, it’s possible to achieve very significant returns on investment. As you can see in our Customer Stories section, Systech is not the only organization that has successfully benefited from it. Why not be next yourself?

Enjoy the read!

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