Ten new things for January

by Andrea Maioli on 02/05/2018

As of January 31st, version 18-001 of Instant Developer Cloud is available, and it’s brimming with important updates.

As always, your input has helped us come up with solutions, and some of them are pretty bold. So I want to thank all of you for all your continued support and encouragement.

This time we focused on the application debug, a critical step in software development, which is even more delicate when it’s done in the cloud. That’s why now there’s a real-time debug service for production servers that doesn’t alter their normal operation.

Here’s the list of the biggest changes:

  1. New debug bar that manages the watches and searches in the console.
  2. You can debug running sessions on production servers in real time.
  3. New management of the log for each individual session. You can open the console log for each active or ended session on the production servers.
  4. New graphic display of database schemas and individual tables.
  5. MySQL is now supported in both Cloud Connector and in your cloud servers managed through the console (My Cloud servers).
  6. New Swiper
  7. Mobile applications are now optimized for iPhoneX as well.
  8. New automatic connector between Instant Developer Foundation and Instant Developer Cloud Web APIs.
  9. New onProgress event to monitor the progress of the first sync process.
  10. Now you can also define a session timeout for browser sessions.

Version 18-001 also contains dozens of fixes in response to your reports to the support department, so we recommend that you update your servers if you don’t have automatic updates enabled.

And don’t forget to send us your feedback on the new features!

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