Support: here is the autumn report

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 10/13/2017

Autumn is here, and as the first leaves start to fall, the time has come to take stock of support here at Instant Developer. This is an important time, especially for evaluating the effectiveness of the most recent changes to the procedure that was created to help us take on requests more quickly.

Here’s a quick overview of the numbers for support: 70% of support operations received feedback, and the overall average rating is steady at 4.46. Twenty-five percent of tickets required more than one operation, and 8% needed more than two. The partial averages for the various types of support operations are:

  • 4.52 for support requests.
  • 4.25 for bug reports.
  • 4.22 for reporting internal errors.
  • 4.52 for consulting.

With the most recent change to the procedure, you can now route a ticket yourself immediately after you submit it, specifying which area of Instant Developer needs to be analyzed together, and you can also reopen a ticket immediately after closing it when that’s helpful.

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the initial results of this new routing mechanism: 26% of support tickets were handled the same day they were submitted. This means that 26% of requests were completed one working day earlier than under the previous support procedure.

The next steps will be to look at consolidating the current procedure, refining the mechanism for assigning technicians, and new management of delivered patches.

Until our next report!

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