Still more Team Works

by Luca Baldini on 10/17/2013

Instant Developer was created to handle Enterprise-class software projects, like ERP and CRM, and in order to develop such complex projects, multiple programmers are required. That’s why one of the most commonly used modules is Team Works, which lets a group of developers work together on a single project, and like Instant Developer, it doesn’t handle simple text files but instead capitalizes on relational programming.

Working as a team is a complex operation that requires you to be able to know what the other programmers have done, or what the code was like in a class before a colleague edited it. We ourselves, who develop and its run-time, work in teams, using standard versioning systems, but we also use Team Works to manage all of our applications: the CRM, the documentation manager, all the components, the Application Gallery apps, and all of our test projects.

Because it’s a tool we use daily, in version 12.5 we wanted to improve it further to make work even easier for programmers, as we mentioned to you before.

First, we improved the Change history screen, which now makes it easier to see what an object was like before a particular check-in, or to calculate the differences between two check-ins in order to see what was done.

Then we tackled the most significant improvement, which deals with the Show differences command, one of the forms I use most frequently before any check-in operations. I use it to see what I’ve done and decide which changes to load to the master copy. Versioning systems usually highlight differences by showing the lines of code that have changed, but the new form does much more: in addition to providing a side-by-side view of the procedure code before and after the change, it can also highlight the differences in forms and reports.

Finally, we have redesigned the web application used to configure the server.

You can already use the new differences form in the 12.5 Beta version, while for the Change history and the new web application you’ll have to wait for the final version of Instant Developer 12.5, slated for October 21st.

Happy team work!


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