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by Vittoria Marino on 09/12/2014

About a year ago I wrote my first post on this blog to announce the release of IDCloud, the Instant Developer component designed to integrate cloud-based services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Dropbox into your applications, as well as web functionalities like PayPal payments and logins using Facebook/Google.

There are many projects in which IDCloud has made it possible to read and send emails using a Gmail account, without creating too many headaches for the developer. Now, beginning with version 13.1 of the component, you can do even more, like create an actual mail client that works with any IMAP account and lets you make automatic rules for filtering and storing mail. Today you can:

  • specify any IMAP mail server as the incoming and outgoing server
  • move email from one folder to another
  • access a given email directly using its ID

Given how much enthusiasm we’ve seen regarding integrating Google Calendar, we’ve also improved this service by adding the extended properties: now, for each event you can specify custom properties that can be kept private or made available for sharing with other event participants.

And last but not least, we’ve updated PayPal to keep it in line with the version of the most recent APIs.

For more information on these new features, have a look at the Instant Developer Components Guide.

Are you ready to implement your personal Outlook?

  •    I can't wait to integrate email management into my applications.
  •    It would be great, but I need to manage POP accounts.
  •    I prefer to use a library that I wrote myself.
  •    I rarely push beyond simply sending/receiving mail.
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