Solutions: SatWeb and the 45,000 printers

by Matteo Morini on 03/16/2015

For some time now, Stefano, Giovanni, and I have promised you that we’d expand the Customer Stories section with new success stories. Today, I’m writing to present you with our most recent addition: SatWeb Portal, developed using Instant Developer by Albalog, a well-known Italian software house.

I have to admit that this case study work continues to surprise me. Each time, I find myself thinking, “Well look what an amazing thing they’ve come up with now!”. Have you ever thought of how it might be possible to monitor and maintain more than 45,000 all-in-one printers in real time? Well, Albalog has done it, and with style!

Today SatWeb has become the benchmark Italian product for managing printing devices. There are two aspects of this solution that I find very intriguing:

  • SatWeb Portal is currently distributed by over 80 dealers, 100% in cloud mode, with SaaS billing. We are increasingly witnessing the effects of a cultural change that is shifting the logic behind business from the product to the service.
  • The more dealers there are, the more value it delivers. And not just for economic reasons, but because each dealer can request that a profile be created for new printers, which then becomes available for all resellers. It’s an almost social dynamic.

This is just a quick preview of what you’ll find in the document, and I recommend it as a helpful read both for developers getting started with Instant Developer, but also for veterans, with two pieces of advice:

  • for newbies – don’t settle for the results of simple drag and drop operations; there is so much more behind InDe! SatWeb is one example, but there are many others.
  • for veterans – above and beyond the new development ideas, it’s interesting to see that the SaaS business model is taking stronger and stronger root on this side of the Atlantic.

Who’d like to star in our next story?

I won’t take any more of your time.
I hope you enjoy the article!

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