Software as a service: earlier than you think

by Giovanni Foschini on 07/31/2013

Summer is a good time to do some strategic thinking. I usually start by looking to America, which is always a little bit ahead. Today all the most widespread programs are offered as Software as a service (SaaS).

In Italy for example, this is still not all that common, but the most reliable predictions say that within a few years it will also happen in the country where Instant Developer was created. I thought it would take longer, but I’m happy that this transformation has happened so quickly, because there are advantages for everyone.

From the end client’s point of view there is a reduction in initial investments, because there aren’t licenses to purchase or maintenance services to start up, and there isn’t infrastructure to prepare or installations to run. What’s more, the software is immediately available and there is often even a free version.

But there are also advantages for the people doing the offering. In fact, having lower entrance costs makes it easier to come to market, especially considering this historically difficult period. What’s more, people who are interested can try it out right away without worrying about getting systems analysts or the acquisitions office involved – all you need is a browser. Given these premises, once the product has been evaluated, everyone is more motivated to buy, making negotiations easier. And finally, these services are more scalable and evolve more quickly.

Let’s be clear, redesigning your software with this in mind is certainly not easy and takes a significant amount of technological effort. Because in order to be able to distribute your products as SaaS, they must be entirely usable over the web and must be installed in cloud environments. So you have to learn to manage you data center in IaaS mode.

Beyond the technical aspects, SaaS distribution also forces you to rethink your business model and sales mechanisms. It’s a complex and inevitable transformation, but it also opens up important opportunities. That’s why we want Instant Developer to be able to help you with this important step.

Maybe while you’re enjoying your well-earned rest at the beach or in the mountain it’s worth pondering. I look forward to your thoughts at your leisure! Let me know.

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