Slides from your vacation

by Andrea Maioli on 02/02/2018

In our increasingly digitized world, images and videos are standing in for words more and more often: from applications that are mostly business-oriented, which have to have a photo catalog, to social sites where the function people use the most is sharing visual content.

That’s why we thought we’d integrate the swiper component into Instant Developer Cloud. It’s useful for developing just these sorts of functions.

Swiper will be available in version 18-001, slated for late January. In the meantime I’d like to give you a preview. It’s an example of what you can achieve with four lines of code: swiper-demo.

When moving from one photo to the next, it’s interesting to note the pinch-to-zoom function in the individual device and detect the click/tap independent of the zoom and the image positioning. For example, this allows you to select a single object in a catalog in which each page contains multiple items.

We’ve loaded the images directly from Bing’s daily stream, but it’s actually very easy to adapt the code for the slides from your vacation. If you’d like to see the project, you’ll find it here.

Enjoy the show!

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