SAP integration is on the way

by Matteo Sirri on 10/09/2014

In today’s post I can finally reveal the mysterious feature that Andrea mentioned to you a while ago. It has to be said though, that saying “We also want to connect another popular ERP. Want to know which one? The name has three letters and starts with S.” didn’t leave much to the imagination. It’s my great pleasure today to announce integration with SAP, made possible thanks to the SAP NetWeaver Gateway technology, which allows for exporting of APIs based on OData architecture.

OData is a communications protocol introduced by Microsoft as part of Microsoft Open Specification Promise and then standardized by OASIS in March of this year. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, many Web services have adopted it, and one of these is SAP. That’s why in version 13.5 of Instant Developer we’ve extended WebAPI support to OData services as well.

To integrate SAP, or any OData service, in your InDe 13.5 application, simply:

  • open the project in which you want the service to interact;
  • open the import wizard from the Tools -> WebAPI Importer menu item;
  • enter the service URL (such as;
  • click Import to get the list of entities exposed by the service;
  • select the entities you want and click Create.

Then, all you have to do is create the panels, the trees, and the books on the imported classes to implement CRUD operations in your applications directly on SAP.

If you’re interested in SAP integration and OData services, have you already tried Instant Developer 13.5 Beta?

Do you have OData services waiting to be integrated into your project?

  •    Definitely! I can't wait to try 13.5 to integrate an OData service like SAP.
  •    Most services I need to integrate do not use the OData standard.
  •    I don't think that integrating Web services is really the future.
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1 ted giles 10/09/2014 at 10:00 PM

This is seriously good news.
Outstanding vision from the development team.

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