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by Giuseppe Lanzi on 05/09/2014

“Graphics are not optional” was the title of an article Andrea wrote two years ago when we presented the graphic theme editor. Today it’s an even more pertinent title, especially in the world of mobile, where people often form their opinion of an application at first glance, even before trying out its functionalities.

And today there’s even more beyond graphics. The spread of high-resolution devices has made pixel density an increasingly important characteristic for users. Entry-level smartphones have a resolution of at least 200 ppi, the very top devices are full HD (450 ppi on average), and 800 ppi displays are coming by 2015. And this is true not only for mobile: a number of laptop and PC manufacturers have brought high resolution monitors to market.

To come to grips with this new requirement, in version 13 of Instant Developer we have improved our two most recent graphical themes, Mobile7 and Quadro: we’ve redone all the framework icons, doubling their size over previous versions for a display that is more defined than ever. You can see the effects in the image above. You can also reserve the same treatment for images added at design time: just create images twice as large as the dimensions you want to automatically achieve the retina effect throughout the application.

High resolution is active by default in all apps compiled with InDe 13.0, and as always you can even use the new feature with pre-existing projects. In this latter case, you can simply recreate the customized images in dimensions suitable for a higher resolution.

If instead you want to use the latest version without high resolution images, you can deactivate the functionality with a line of code in the custom3.js file. If you’re interested, you can find more information in the release notes.

How important do you think it is to invest in graphic implementation?

  •    It's crucial! We always have professional graphic artists create our themes.
  •    It's important. There should always be someone responsible for graphics in the development team.
  •    Every developer also has to be concerned with the appearance of the forms they develop.
  •    Graphics aren't that important. You have to concentrate on functionality.
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