Quadro: a cross-device graphical theme

by Andrea Maioli on 03/06/2013

Up through version 11.5, Instant Developer made it possible to develop mobile applications using a graphical theme that emulated the appearance of native iOS applications as faithfully as possible, as you can see in this demo.

This theme, so typical of Apple devices, might seem out of place on other platforms that look very different, like Android and Windows RT.

That’s why version 12 of Instant Developer, which comes out in the next few weeks, contains a new graphical theme called Quadro – you can see an example above. Quadro has some features that are definitely interesting:

  1. It’s suitable for all types of devices. The applications that use it look good on Apple devices as well as on Android and Windows RT units. And soon, that list will include BlackBerry too. The standard graphical elements are larger than before to make them more convenient even on mini versions of the devices.
  2. It’s structurally equivalent to its predecessor, so it’s very easy to use in existing applications: simply go into the application’s compiling parameter wizard and select Quadro as the graphical theme.
  3. It can be reconfigured at runtime like no theme ever before. Simply set the new AccentColor property to change the appearance of the application and adapt it to your own company colors.

If you’d like to try Quadro, you can have a look right now at this example application.

What do you think? Your comments are always welcome.

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1 John Willems 03/06/2013 at 5:18 PM

This is so amazing! This gives a whole new meaning to cross platform. It should be a huge benefits to those developers needing consistent U/I regardless of OS. Can’t wait for v12 to be available….

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