Presenting Instant Developer Foundation 16.0

by Luca Baldini on 04/06/2017

Easter is nearly here, and as Andrea announced a few weeks ago, the new release Instant Developer Foundation 16.0 is ready for you.

We’ve introduced many new features and important improvements, and I have to say that I’m really pleased with the work done in this version.

Regarding the User Interface for apps made with Instant Developer Foundation, the two most significant implementations will make many of you happy. For starters, you can now vertically center the text in book boxes. We’ve also broadened the support for Bootstrap introduced last November, and in addition to implementing a number of improvements suggested by the community, we’ve also implemented the following functionalities:

  • managing fields outside the list;
  • integrated HTML editor;
  • full responsive in small devices.

Regarding the framework, the most important technical innovation is that it’s now possible to serialize sessions in Java. This particular functionality is useful when the server infrastructure is configured in balanced-load multi-node clusters. With this functionality the session can be moved from one server to another. What’s more, in simpler cases where there is only one server, the session remains active and functional even if Tomcat is restarted. Interesting feature, don’t you think?

For the IDE we’ve also listened to your requests, and implemented a number of improvements in the user interface of the IDE. Starting with version 16.0, you can:

  • see a preview of the Bootstrap grid to make it easier to design forms;
  • sort objects in a form by type;
  • run a simple text search text across the whole project.

Finally, regarding mobile development, we’ve updated the Android packages template from Eclipse to Android Studio, the most up-to-date solution, which I know interests many of you.

But these are just a few of the changes and improvements we’ve made. Details for each of them will be available soon in the version release notes.

I’m sure that this version will reassure anyone who wondered if Pro Gamma’s commitment to Foundation might have wavered. As you can see, that’s not the case, and in fact we’ve got big ideas moving forward in 2017.

Don’t stop reporting improvements you think will be important. You know by now that it’s vital feedback for us to be able to provide a continuously improving tool for implementing your business.

I look forward to your comments on Instant Developer Foundation 16.0.

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