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by Giuseppe Lanzi on 12/04/2014

The first semester of the 2014-15 academic year is over, and during this time we offered online courses in the new format I presented in July. Now it’s time to plan the calendar for next year and to look for other improvements we can make to the training we offer alongside Instant Developer.

From an organizational standpoint, we’ve found that the increased frequency of courses we began offering in September has in fact made it easier to participate in more than one case, given that there are only 3 weeks between one Basic course and the next, rather than 6 as in the past. In addition, our classrooms are less crowded, which allows for better interaction between students and instructors. So I’d like to focus on other aspects: gathering feedback and expanding what we have to offer.

In terms of feedback, you already know that it’s very important for us. When analyzing feedback for help desk tickets, I got some concrete help from the support department guide. That is why I’ve started to do something similar for our online courses as well. Soon, a new implementation of help desk will allow users to answer a questionnaire designed specifically to evaluate the content of the course, usability through the WebEx virtual classroom, planning, and the exercises offered – basically, everything.

With regard to our course offerings, which as you know currently consist of three online courses – Web, Reports, and Mobile – I need your help now, because I have a proposal for you. When presenting the first version of the courses, I mentioned the possibility of also offering an advanced course on Document Orientation. Now that we’ve optimized the first three courses, it’s time to revisit that subject. I have in mind a course that discusses:

  • advanced DO services
  • extended properties and Named Properties
  • procedures generalized thanks to reflection
  • ??? – what would you like to see on this list?

If I put it on the calendar, would you take the Advanced DO course?

  •    Yes, I'd sign up for the first available course!
  •    Yes, within the year.
  •    I'd like to, but I'm always too busy.
  •    I'd prefer a class on another subject (let us know which in the comments).
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1 Jose L. Velez 12/05/2014 at 3:21 PM

You need to offer training on charts. What is the point of offering this feature in Inde if no one knows how to use it?

Refer to my last comments on the forum regarding this. I’ve shelved my Inde project precisely because my application is useless to my client without charting capabilities that I can actually deploy.

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