New Cloud editions of Instant Developer – Preliminary Version

by Andrea Maioli on 10/07/2015

Do you remember what we promised you before the summer, when we met at our From foundation to the digital future event? That by September we’d have prepared the full version of the new cloud editions of Instant Developer?

I have to say, this promise has put us to the test. We had to divide our forces on a number of fronts, beginning with the new user experience that we created with invaluable help from Zenoid, the expert we introduced to you at the event. Even this result on its own is worth showcasing, because it’s clear what a huge contribution a professionally designed UX can deliver in terms of product perception.

Then we promised you support for corporate databases like Oracle and SQLServer in addition to Postgres. In this case we went even further: thanks to the new CloudConnector component, you can make corporate databases available directly to Instant Developer Cloud in a safe and controlled manner. This way, the application can be both on the internal network and in the cloud, and the data always remain safe on your own corporate server.

Speaking of mobile devices, now you can develop online and offline applications optimized for iOS and Android that use local databases and automatic synchronization services, including toward Instant Developer Foundation backends. To demonstrate that the cloud can truly simplify the job, you’ll also find the new build server for compiling and publishing on the app store directly from your browser with one click.

Finally, you asked us for user interface templates so you can quickly achieve modern applications. So we’ve turned to Material Design, which allows you to create apps that we can truly call beautiful without even needing to think about style. Look at this result, achieved with just a few lines of code.

I’m both proud and happy to announce that all of this is available starting today, in a preliminary version. For users who don’t understand Italian, we need to point out that at the moment the registration procedure and the license agreement are in Italian only, as is all of the documentation, while the IDE interface is in English. For this reason, we only recommend that users who can read Italian should use the platform, by accessing The complete version in English will be available soon.

Remember in any case that use of the IDE is free and open, and as always, we are available on the forum or through our support service to help you achieve your goals.

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