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by Diego Pierangeli on 05/23/2014

Do you remember a few weeks ago I talked to you about the optimization for Android KitKat 4.4 for applications made with Instant Developer? It was an interesting improvement because thanks to the new web view and use of the web workers, applications are even faster and more fluid. But to be honest, I didn’t tell you everything.

In fact, once we finished the job we wanted to push ourselves further to achieve something more: to optimize online mobile applications for all mobile browsers, extending support not only to the web views used within the native shell, but also to the default standalone browsers for Android, iOS and Windows RT. This time, the main problem we had to solve had to do with dimensions.

Consider Safari, for example: the difference with Caravel is that in the shell, the applications are always displayed full-screen, while in Safari you need to keep in mind the possible toolbars. That’s because, due to an anomalous behavior in iOS7, the applications have to explicitly manage their own size, if they want the keyboard to function correctly.
IE11 for Windows RT on the other hand forced us to find a new way to set the page width, because the instruction “width:device-width” (needed to view pages best vertically), is not correctly supported. But these are just two examples of the work we did, because the mobile browser versions have different behaviors than their desktop brethren.

People who use InDe can already capitalize on this achievement because today, I’m happy to say that beginning with version 13.0 use for online mobile apps is officially supported on the standard browsers of the devices (Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android, and IE11 for Windows RT).

A lot of you are probably reading this article on a mobile device. Why don’t you give MWind a try right now directly with the browser?

How will you take advantage of the new support for online mobile apps?

  •    Now I can more easily distribute my apps that don't need the shell.
  •    Useful for development, but a real app has to be offline.
  •    I don’t develop mobile apps.
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