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by Giuseppe Lanzi on 03/24/2015

Spring is here, so it’s the perfect time for something new. I’m talking about the training options for Instant Developer. After all, I did promise you, didn’t I?

So far, the Pro Gamma virtual classrooms have addressed web applications along with the basics of Document Orientation, the reports engine, and mobile apps with their data synching system. Given the approval and extent of the response to our proposal for an advanced course on the Instant Developer entity framework, today I’m pleased to announce our new course, Advanced Document Orientation Techniques.

The subjects discussed in Web applications and the basics of Document Orientation are the right preparation for participating in this new course. Other than that, ways to access the content remain the same: 4 lessons of 120 minutes over the course of a week

Even though it’s an advanced course, the price is still the same: from a maximum of US $349 to a minimum of US $269, depending on the number purchased, to make it easier for more participants to take each class.

If you’d like more information, send an email to training@instantdeveloper.com.

We’ll be waiting!

Image: Chris Gebert.

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