JavaScript Optimization for Jelly Bean

by Matteo Sirri on 10/02/2012

I was very curious about the new devices from Google, so as soon as the Nexus 7s arrived I started doing some tests. I have to say that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now just a step away from iOS in terms of graphic and computing performance. That’s why we wanted to optimize applications created with for this specific version, and I’m happy to report that the user experience is now very similar to that in iOS.

There are three main innovations to the Instant Developer 11.5 JavaScript engine:

  • optimization of the SQL engine, which now lets you achieve performance on the same order of magnitude as that of latest-generation iPads;
  • improved interaction with the keyboard and the touch screen, which make the user experience even more pleasant and fluid;
  • handled the form factor typical of 7″ devices, a characteristic that is already widespread in the Android ecosystem and which we will probably see appear soon in new Apple terminals.

It’s a very interesting improvement, especially considering that the world of Android has introduced loads of new innovations recently, and continues to do so. The Nexus 7 arrived in most European countries a few weeks ago, and the Galaxy Note 2, a smartphone worthy of your consideration, is also just coming out. The new S-Pen, which lets you interact both by touching or not touching the display, and the new multi-tasking function, which lets you keep two screens open at the same time, are features that can make the difference. Check out this review.

If I may offer a piece of advice: get yourself one of these devices as soon as you can to test your applications.

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