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by Vittoria Marino on 12/18/2015

There aren’t that many software projects that can be developed by just one person, and that’s why development tools usually include versioning and teamwork management systems. So I’m pleased to announce that beginning today, the teamworking system in Instant Developer Cloud is complete, and everyone can use it.

Differently from the Foundation version, the Instant Developer Cloud teamworking system is based on the Git model, because this makes collaboration possible among teams that aren’t connected to each other, as happens in open source projects, for example. If you don’t already know how it works, the Atlassian website offers an explanation of the basic concepts.

Since Instant Developer Cloud is a cloud IDE, using Teamwork is even easier: simply fork a project to begin working as a team. Then, when your contribution is ready, the commit and pull request creation operations will make it available to the master project. Finally, all contributions are merged using the special merge commands on the master project and fetch commands on the sub-projects, and this is the stage when any conflicts can be managed.

Powerful difference monitoring and change history check tools are available throughout all working phases, so you can be confident that the contributions you are about to integrate are the right ones. Finally, multilevel branch management makes it possible to manage multiple project versions simultaneously.

Teamwork is fully integrated with the IDE, and in fact you need only go to the dashboard to find all the commands you need. If you have a personal workspace, you can work in teams on public projects; private projects will require a corporate development server.

With the new Teamwork from Instant Developer Cloud, working together is possible, and what’s more, it’s fun! And since I’m always trying to make it better, I’m looking forward to all of your feedback about it.

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