Is reality a video game?

by Andrea Maioli on 09/11/2012

In my work analyzing trends in the mobile world I came across a “short” created as a graduation project for an academy of arts in Jerusalem.

The film, which is about seven minutes long, tackles the subject of augmented reality, imagining a future in which we live in symbiosis with technology, which becomes a sort of “sixth sense” that is always available to us. I recommend you watch it because the underlying sense of irony makes it especially funny.

I must say that after watching it I asked myself whether I’d like to live in that world. It’s true that there are exaggerated situations in the film, but reconsidering, more than once I’ve been talking to someone while in fact they were secretly chatting with who knows who on their cell phone, and the feeling of “disconnection” it caused really bothered me.

I don’t want to deny the advantages we gain every day from the use of mobile technologies: a world of information and communication that’s always available is truly a useful thing. Nevertheless, a surreal situation like the one described runs the risk of polluting our perception of the “present”, of the events that occur, actually transforming life into a video game.

And if you think that this is a far-off problem, look at what Google is doing with their glasses. The prototype is expected next year!

What do you think? Should we resign ourselves to living in constant competition (every situation will have a score) or is there a way out?

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