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by Andrea Maioli on 07/24/2013

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the new version 7 of its operating system for mobile devices, which will be available this fall. If you have not already seen the presentation video I recommend that you take a look because, as always, it gives an insight about what they have up their sleeves.

It is now already possible for registered Apple developers to install the beta version on their devices in order to test how the operating system and their own applications function. I downloaded it to my iPad immediately and must confess that the initial impact is really strong.

Nothing is like before, at least with regard to the graphical appearance, but this says a lot. There are improvements to the applications, but these are overshadowed by the novelties of the graphic language, which is practically the opposite of everything we knew about Apple.

It reminds me more of Windows 8 than Android, but this might only be my personal impression. It is a change so extensive that it is hard to believe that it will be finished between now and September. More time will probably be needed, perhaps also more versions.

It is also difficult for someone who enjoyed using the old system to get used to it – I haven’t been able to yet. Some people are saying that the new system is intended more for people who are not yet Apple customers than for those who already are.

In the meantime, app developers must concentrate on how to update their products. Here there is a lot of work to be done to adapt to the new graphic language, which will not be a painless transition. However you know how we see it… people who use Instant Developer must be able to change with minimal effort, or better still without any effort. Therefore we have already started working on making this possible for you in the upcoming version 12.5 of Instant Developer, which is planned for the end of October, just in time for when iOS7 will become available to everyone.

Due to confidentiality agreements for Apple developers, we cannot say much more about iOS7. However, we can let you try out the prototype and see how your applications will become even just activating the new graphical theme.

Click on this link to the sample application with the new style: mwind7, which you can compare with the previous style  mwind or with the multidevice style quadro.

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