Integration with Salesforce is now instantaneous

by Matteo Sirri on 07/18/2014

As already reported by Andrea, one of the main new features of version 13.1 is integration with Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM tool for sales force management, customer service, support, and help desk. Now, integrating this Customer Relationship Management tool into your applications is very simple.

A special wizard allows you to authenticate on Salesforce and create classes in your project that correspond to the entities exposed by the service. The import wizard makes it easy to read and save data, because you can simply treat the imported classes as normal Document Oriented classes, using them in master queries of panels. Then you only have to create the application to perform the necessary web calls to service, sending the CRUD operations initiated by the user.

But it doesn’t stop at Salesforce, because with the same wizard – available in the menu under Tools-Web API Importer – you can integrate a generic RESTful service into your project. And even in this case managing the data for the service is as simple as calling the usual Document Orientation functions:

If you have a Salesforce account and want to try this new feature, you can find more information in the WebApi Guide.

With version 13.1 we integrated Salesforce, and the next step will be support to another popular ERP system that I’m sure will be useful for many people, but I’d like to leave you with an additional thought: the Web API that simplifies integrating these services into your Instant Developer projects also simplifies integrating applications made with InDe into other services, including exposing your own Web APIs.

Are you interested in integrating Salesforce in your applications?

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  •    For now we don't use it, but we're thinking of adopting it in the future.
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1 dave Mason 07/21/2014 at 6:28 PM

I have my own crm for the automotive industry that I sell and will soon start bringing it to an inde built web application on SaaS. I don’t consider a boxed crm as adequate in all cases, however there are those out there that will benefit greatly from it.

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