Instant Developer: the 2016 roadmap

by Andrea Maioli on 01/22/2016

There is yet another exciting year ahead that’s packed with news for people working in the field of software development. There is no other industry brimming with so much innovation and opportunity, even when the rest is fighting the trend!

Instant Developer users will also find 2016 to be a year packed with nice surprises, which I want to share with you today by presenting the roadmap and release dates.

I’m doing this through the blog rather than by publishing on the website because for us, these aren’t decisions that should be taken without asking your opinion. It’s Instant Developer users who decide on its roadmap, and that’s why we’re starting the conversation here.

As we announced in May 2015 at the presentation event, 2016 will bring the Cloud and Foundation editions closer. So:

  • Instant Developer Cloud will acquire more templates, examples, and rapid application development features.
  • Instant Developer Foundation will have to learn to generate responsive applications based on Bootstrap templates, as many of you have requested.

But let’s take a closer look at the details on releases and dates:

31 March 2016: The Cloud editions will emerge from the preliminary version. Foundation will be updated based on input from the support department to make it increasingly reliable and precise.

30 June 2016: First version of the Bootstrap generator for Foundation. The Cloud editions will be gaining templates, examples, and tutorials.

31 October 2016: Instant Developer Cloud becomes RAD: it will be possible to automatically generate application views and part of their operating logic, deriving them directly from the database or class schemas, as occurs currently in Foundation, but while maintaining the flexibility that characterizes the Cloud editions.
The Bootstrap module for Foundation will be completed, and both will be kept up-to-date with the latest versions of the mobile operating systems and browsers (which is no small feat, thanks especially to Apple).

I hope these announcements make you happy, and perhaps open up new possibilities. In any case, please let me know what you think below in the comments.

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