Instant Developer Roadmap

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 01/08/2013

Among the most common questions I get in my job, and some of the hardest to answer, are “What will be in the next version of Instant Developer?” and “When will such-and-such fix be available?”.

The trouble is that you’ve got to be specific when addressing these issues, but it’s tricky, because the actual time required for a fix, the impact a change has on the rest of the framework, or the space for any snags that may come up are difficult things to know in advance. So what to do?

Since the answer to these questions is a complement to Instant Developer support, I wanted to come up with a new tool that would be able to address the problem.

That’s why I’m delighted to begin 2013 by presenting the Instant Developer Roadmap. It’s a tracking system accessible from within itself, and with it we hope to get you involved in what’s going on in the Pro Gamma technical department, in real time. To open it, just use the new menu command Help-> Instant Developer Roadmap.

Using Roadmap you can:

  • find out the status of all changes and fixes that the support service has sent to the technical department;
  • see exactly what will be included in the next release of Instant Developer; and
  • read the documentation about the new features even before they are published.

I invite you to try it out and we can evaluate it together. If it provides satisfactory answers to the questions I mentioned, in upcoming months I also intend to use it to let you vote on the changes you most want to see, so we can guide the development of closer and closer to your needs.

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