Instant Developer has become three

by Giovanni Foschini on 06/26/2015

Last week Andrea described for us the innovations in technology that we’ve introduced to respond to the new challenges the market has generated: omni-channel applications, mobile first, online and offline, social and with an increasingly native user experience.

Today I’d like to tell you a bit about how these innovations will be offered in the Instant Developer suite.

As you’ve probably already figured out, these are important innovations. New architectures, new technologies, and new languages have required the creation of two new tools: a totally cloud based platform as well as a new IDE which – differently from what you’re familiar with now – can be used from any Chrome or Safari browser, from a PC, Mac, Chromebook, etc., and even from tablets!

And if programmers have two tools at their disposal, Instant Developer now offers three editions: Foundation, Managed cloud and Self managed.

The Foundation editions refer to the current versions of Instant Developer in both the previous configurations of the product – Standard, Professional, Teamwork, and Enterprise – and in the new configurations that came out last year: Freelance, Business and Ultimate.

The new Managed cloud and Self managed editions on the other hand are both new options that we introduced at the event, and they differ in the way that you publish the applications developed using them.

Three different editions, designed to satisfy different needs and requirements, but also in order to work in an integrated way. Let’s look at an example.

Does your client need a company management application that will mostly be used by its users and that is integrated into the legacy database of their admin software? It’s probably a good idea to develop this type of application using Foundation in order to capitalize on all the RAD characteristics and the advantages that you’re already familiar with in Instant Developer, and maybe you’ve already done so.

However, if we need to extend certain functionalities, perhaps on mobile and for a much broader and diverse audience, we have to start thinking about a cloud-based architecture in order to be able to fully meet the needs of all possible users.

In order to do this, it might be more convenient to use the new IDE and the new features, possibly managing the sync services between the DB for your web application created using Foundation and this new app.

The great thing about the new editions is that among the various working methods, you’ll find a few that will allow you to develop your applications completely free of charge!

And when it comes time to publish the application, you can use Managed cloud mode to publish it directly to our cloud, using our configuration, publication, security, and analytics services. This mode also allows you to publish it on your own cloud.

But if you have other requirements, or your clients need the application to be published independently on a company server, similarly to what happens with Foundation, you also can do that using Self managed mode.

All the editions will be part of the Pro Gamma Instant Developer suite, so they’ll be available to all current clients, who will be free to choose the working method that best meets their needs. Those who already have Business or Ultimate licenses can use the Self-managed edition without additional costs.

In this post I simply wanted to give you a quick introduction to the new editions to help you understand what I mean when I say that Instant Developer has become three. As you know, we’re still in early days, and we’ll be able to discuss it again soon in more detail!

Stay tuned!

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