Instant Developer Foundation 18.0 is here

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 04/13/2018

As announced a few weeks ago, this Monday we released Instant Developer Foundation 18.0. It’s an interesting version, and first and foremost we have to thank you for the suggestions we received through the community and our direct relationship with you.

In this version we aimed to focus principally on your improvement requests to give you a tool that consistently meets your needs and delivers what your clients are asking for.

In addition to releasing more than 130 improvements and fixes in response to reports sent to tech support, the tech department team was amazingly productive and created a long list of interesting innovations for us.

In particular I’d like to point out:

  • The new BootstrapZen graphic theme.
  • The advanced filters in list view.
  • The new visual styles for required fields.
  • The option to specify field size as a percentage.

If you’d like to see the new theme in action right now, check out the example application. As you can see, the new graphics based on Bootstrap picks up on the theme of its predecessor, stepping even farther away from the visual elements like the Seattle theme to deliver an even cleaner and more modern interface.

The example lets you get a feel right away for the effect of advanced filters in list view. Simply mouse over a column heading and you’ll see the button appear that opens the popup for filtering the data without needing switch to search mode. Click it to test these functionalities now – the effect is really very interesting.

With the new search mode you can make your applications even more intuitive, especially for users who are accustomed to tools like Excel or Google Sheets that have no equivalent to the QBE search mode.

The visual styles for required fields allow you to instantly give your users a graphic clue of which fields to populate, without needing to go through the validation events, and finally, the field sizes as a percentage let you design even more flexible interfaces.

I encourage you to try the new version today.

Obviously we’ve tested the new functionalities carefully, but sometimes test cases can be far different from real cases. If you find anything that doesn’t line up, the support department is always here for you.

Have fun, and enjoy your improved implementations with Instant Developer Foundation 18.0.

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