Instant Developer Cloud: Self-Managed Mode

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 02/17/2017

Cloud is one of the most mainstream words in recent years. And there are good reasons for that: cloud infrastructure opens the door to a string of opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available for most projects. If I compare my current disaster recovery system with what I had a few years ago, even though it consistently saved us in situations both big and small, it’s still clear that I’m able to achieve far more with less.

But some conditions also force a decision to do everything in house and to have your own applications on your own independently-managed server.

At first glance it might seem like Instant Developer Cloud, which is completely web-based from the IDE to the application in production, would prevent you from using your own server. But that’s not the case.

In fact today, I present to you Self-Managed mode: the offer from Instant Developer Cloud that allows you to use your own production server, whether it be Windows or Linux.

To use Self-Managed mode, you need to:

  1. visit the inde-self public repository page on gitHub
  2. download the package and follow the installation instructions
  3. open the Console, go to your project page, and open the Installations section
  4. click on +Install
  5. select Server as the target and click Next
  6. enter a name for the Build
  7. activate the flag that allows you to compile the Build without installing it and click Compile

The list of Builds for your application will appear and you can use the Download link to download the source code.

At this point you’ll need to unzip the content of the Build (which in this case is a .tar.gz compressed file) in the appDirectory/apps folder, and then you’ll need to set the config.json configuration file. You’ll find all the instructions on how to do so in the file in the repository.

Instant Developer Cloud’s offer does not entail costs for using the public IDE servers, nor are there costs for downloading Builds of public projects. For private projects there is a fee of €9.90 for each day of work performed, paid when you download.

I’ll wrap up by reminding you that the support department is available to help you configure your Self-Managed server. Methods for accessing our support service are still the same as for Instant Developer Foundation.

Enjoy! 🙂

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