Instant Developer Cloud: advantages for Foundation users

by Giovanni Foschini on 05/27/2016

In last week’s article we announced that the new editions of Instant Developer Cloud will be available on May 29th. These are next-generation tools that offer an enormous opportunity: the chance to enrich your products with B2C omnichannel apps, meaning that they have a UX at the customer facing level.

That is precisely why I wanted to give people who already use Instant Developer Foundation the right tools to make the most of this occasion. So I thought of a few advantages just for you.

Those of you getting started: what do you need?

First of all, some coaching is helpful while setting up the project and during the various phases of development, so you can be sure you’re following the right path. So from today through September, we will offer this support free of charge for people who use Foundation.

Then you’ll need some help learning your way around the IDE and the framework. We’ve created some self-training systems for this, but in addition, those of you who already use Foundation will be able to use the support services for correct use that are already included in your maintenance contract to get support on Cloud editions as well, without having to add anything extra.

Finally, we know that many of you have already purchased the servers on which you also want to run applications created with the new editions. For you, we’re offering the Self-Managed service, which consists of the ability to install applications created with Instant Developer Cloud on your servers rather than Pro Gamma’s cloud servers, and it will be free for all of 2016.

Are you ready to seize these opportunities? Contact us¬†immediately because appointments with our consultants are now open and we’re getting them organized. See you there!

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1 Ted Giles 05/27/2016 at 7:19 PM

I would be able to use this.
I’m on version 13.5 Perpetual license.
What would be the annual charge for a version to handle the Cloud, or will my Foundation 13.5 do it?

2 Stefano Dughiero 05/31/2016 at 9:55 AM

Hi Ted. As this relates to your specific situation as a customer I’m taking this offline and will send you a private message.

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