Instant Developer Cloud – version 17-001

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 02/10/2017

In my recent posts I announced the Final release of Instant Developer, the Automatic test system, the arrival of the Launchers, and the introduction of the Analytics system. The first Cloud edition release cycle is now complete, and nearly all the most important functionalities are available and ready for use in developing your new customer-facing apps.

On January 24, I published the 17-001 release, available for all your private servers and already installed on all the public servers. With this release we have introduced truly interesting functionalities, some of which were previewed in the example projects, which I’d like to summarize here on the blog:

  • We’ve introduced support for Bootstrap
    To give you and idea of how to use it, I want to remind you that the source project for MeetYou is available in the console examples.
  • We have implemented Grouped Datamaps
    How intuitive can a grouped display of data be for the user? Now you can achieve it thanks to the grouping functionality integrated into the framework. If you’d like to get an idea of how it can be applied, check out the MeetYou example and visit the Agenda section. You’ll see what I mean immediately.
  • TeamWorks has been improved with the addition of new commands, supporting push/pull/fetch, even between branches other than the master. A more GitHub sort of management, to give you an idea.
  • TeamWorks has also been provided with an improved conflicts management screen that’s more flexible and intuitive.

In addition to these innovations we’ve also made many improvements in the performance of the code editor, the intellisense algorithm, data synchronization, and the platform.

From now on, as for the Foundation edition, we’ll keep you up to date on the releases and functionalities that you can look forward to in future editions of Instant Developer Cloud.

What was I saying at the beginning? Nearly all the most important functionalities are available? Well, yes, we still need to answer the question, “how can I install a cloud application on the production server I already have?”, but I’ll tell you about that next time.

Stay tuned 🙂

I want to remind everyone who wants to try out the Cloud edition that the support department is always here, if you need to evaluate creating an application, get some guidance on how the framework functions, or even report behaviors that need to be analyzed.

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