Instant Developer at the developer’s festival

by Stefano Dughiero on 12/04/2013

December is a month of celebrations, and this year there’s one that is very near to our hearts. A nice group of developers will be gathering this week in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world, and it’s even more enchanting this month. The London of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, of the Thames reflecting flickering colored lights, of unmistakably intriguing places, icons that reach the peak of their appeal during the Christmas season.

A London however that is much, much more – the command center and a leading draw for the world’s biggest industrial powers, and a city that has also decided to have its say in the information technology arena, with results that have long typified the British way of doing things: command and take the lead.

IT is the business, both today and even more so in the future, and London has long been working strategically to remain a great among greats. And the IT center that was named Tech City and then immediately nicknamed the Silicon Roundabout, is already a reality, where the big guns in this industry have put down roots, and which some – with one representative example being New York Mayor Bloomberg – are starting to respect and fear even more than Silicon Valley as a contender in the race for who will become the capital of the technology empire.

I was very intrigued by a BBC piece a few months ago that discussed precisely this, reporting on a highly popular technology event, the Campus Party, which London hosted in its 2013 edition. I was struck in particular by the huge number of young people who turned up hoping to compete with each other and learn new things, but at the same time to enjoy themselves celebrating in an enormous encampment of tents lined up under the roof of the O2 conference center.

All this lead to the idea of participating as both sponsor and exhibitor at NDC London 2013 – Festival for Developers, an event that will be held this week and will welcome many developers, hold no small number of meetings in which to get up to date on the evolution of software development, and even parties and concerts.

We’ve decided to attend for three reasons: because evidently London is and will be an excellent showcase for people like us who are pursuing internationalization in IT, because we want to meet directly with people interested in staying constantly a step ahead in software engineering, and to celebrate our success as a platform for developing mobile applications.

And in harmony with the party theme, we’ll be giving a gift to all developers who visit us with an idea for a mobile app to create: we’ll develop it working with them, using Instant Developer, and they can take it home with them.

There’s still time to take part and celebrate with us – maybe with a last-minute flight? But if you can’t make it, we’ll give you the gift anyway: write to us describing your idea, which you can develop with us, and which will become your mobile app.

London, we’re coming to the party!

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