Instant Developer and iOS10? No worries

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 09/22/2016

We’re well into September, and it’s time to start up with the iceberg again. Now that the weather has cooled a bit, we’re ready to be with you every week.

We’ll start right away with some excellent news for our whole Community: as of September 12th, Instant Developer Foundation is fully compatible with iOS10.

That makes release 15.0 r3 a very important update. We all know that with every new release, apps have to be updated and sent to the app store again in order to be fully compatible with the most recent mobile OS from Apple. As usual, for all the developers in our Community, preparing for publication is extremely straightforward: simply upgrade to 15.0 r3, recompile the apps, and that’s it.

I have to say that once again the company from Cupertino really gave Luca and his team in production plenty to do. As they told me, they had to tease out a variety of problems that still had little documentation (inevitably, I’d say), which made them even harder to resolve because often developer forums are no help either (and Apple support even less so…).

So it was a tough job for the tech department, which is a clear example of the value you can get from our maintenance service. In fact, since September 13, the official iOS10 release date, users have been updating devices, and it’s to be expected (or rather, it’s been shown) that within just a few days a significant percentage of people who use your iOS apps have the new operating system on their devices: so it’s crucial to be ready right away.

Don’t waste any time. Upgrade to 15.0 r3, recompile, republish, and don’t worry about it from there. We’ll take care of issues with the updates.

I mean, in the end that’s what we’re here for, right?

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