Instant Developer 2015. What will be new?

by Andrea Maioli on 12/18/2014

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this time the Instant Developer evolution cycle has been a bit different than usual. In fact, we’re not using the Roadmap to tell you how many new items we’re implementing, but only for fixes.

The fact is that when we chose what needed to be new in 2015, we began by reading all of your reports, and the suggestions you’ve offered up in the forum and during support sessions. The result was very interesting, and you told us pretty clearly what you need:

  1. you want to personalize the user interface more thoroughly to create cutting-edge customer-facing applications and websites,
  2. you want to write code with an editor that’s even more text-based, but without losing the advantages of relational programming,
  3. you want to create hybrid mobile applications, but you want them to be just as fast and appealing as the native versions.

We’ve taken you seriously, 100%. That’s why the new version of Instant Developer will move further away from its predecessors, and won’t just be an evolution of the same product.

And this is also why we need a little more time. So, version 14.0 in March will contain a few fixes and a few improvements. To see all the results of what we’re working on, you’ll have to hold out a few more months.

But we’re confident that it will be worth the wait and that you’ll be even happier with the 2015 maintenance contract.

For now I’ve already said a lot, so I’ll set a date for springtime, when I’ll bring you an update packed with details on the near future of Instant Developer.

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1 John Talbott 02/27/2015 at 9:28 PM

Any updates?


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