Instant Developer 19.0

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 05/13/2019

With the release of Instant Developer Foundation 19.0, the time has come to talk about the ecosystem that surrounds us as programmers and to break out of our conference room again for a public meeting.

At Pro Gamma we are focused on the needs of those who have adopted our IDE, so you can keep pace with the constant and unexpected changes in the world of IT. Browser updates, changes to mobile operating systems, and new design patterns require tools that evolve continuously. This evolution is possible largely thanks to a dialog with developers.

In version 19.0 we wanted to concentrate on two fronts: on the one hand, reports from you, submitted through the help desk and the forum; and on the other, the usability of the tool for developers.

There are more than a hundred improvements and fixes included in this release. Many of you will be happy to know that many of them address:

  • search and advanced in-list filters;
  • the Bootstrap and Ionic themes, which get both fixes and new functionalities.

But aside from the improvements, in the new IDE you’ll find a new version brimming with changes that are largely the result of your suggestions and requests, which are always hugely important to us when deciding where to take the tool and which have always guided us.

I think it’s worth emphasizing two big changes you’ll really appreciate:

  • it’s now possible to change the IDE skin by choosing from a list of popular themes, as well as editing the font and the size of the text from the Visual Code Editor;
  • the Oracle Managed driver is supported on C#, which will make it possible to compile and install an application that uses an Oracle database without being forced to install the ODAC drivers as well, and it works the same way in both 32bit and 64 bit;
  • a library was added for managing text in JSON format;
  • a HashWithSalt function has been added that lets you stay up to date with IT security and protect text (like a password) with an algorithm that is even more secure than normal encryption functions.

For details and to learn more about the other changes, improvements, and fixes that make up version 19.0, I invite you to read the release notes!


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