Instant Developer 14.0 is here

by Andrea Maioli on 04/10/2015

In keeping with years past, for us spring means it’s time to release the new version of Instant Developer.

Even though the juiciest new items in version 14 will be available in a few months, the innovations and improvements that our community has asked for most are already there, along with more than 30 fixes for malfunctions that have been reported to our support service.

For a complete list of changes, refer to the release notes. In the meantime, I’ll point out the most significant changes:

  1. You can now add customized style classes to the visual objects. This way, you can enrich your interfaces using your style sheets directly.
  2. You can switch projects into read-only mode by entering a protection password. This can be useful for handing over projects to your clients without giving up control.
  3. A copy/paste system for items from the tree has been introduced that simplifies the use of operations normally performed using drag & drop.
  4. It’s now possible to copy entire queries from the object tree.
  5. You can activate a mode for tabbing between fields that uses the Enter key instead of Tab.

We recommend that everyone use version 14.0, because it guarantees a very high level of compatibility compared with the previous version.

I’m really looking to my chance to announce all the rest of the changes, and since there are really a lot of them we thought it would be great to meet up live. Giovanni will tell us more about this in the next few weeks; in the meantime, don’t take on too many commitments in late May.

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