Instant Developer 13.1 – another step

by Andrea Maioli on 06/27/2014

It is with great pleasure that I write this article to announce the release of the new 13.1 version of Instant Developer.

If the purpose of the version in March was to implement significant changes in terms of the overall product, in June our goal was to optimize and improve the product in response to the feedback you’ve provided us through the forums, the support service, and the roadmap.

We enjoy making Instant Developer an increasingly powerful system that’s in step with the times, but we never forget that this must also be true for whomever is using it now. We want to make sure that Instant Developer always works better for everyone, but we start with the projects and concrete cases that you are working on now. So keep helping us help you, with the certainty that none of your suggestions fall on deaf ears.

Below is a list of the main changes in this version; for the others, I invite to read the release notes.

  • New HTML Editor: after a lot of work on mobile, we are also including a complex component that we made ourselves that will replace the old CK Editor. More integration, use in mobile devices as well, and the option to personalize it according to our (and your) needs were the guiding lights for us in working on this development.
  • Integration with Salesforce: among all the work we began on the WebAPIs in Version 13, the popular CRM system deserved a place on the front row. That’s why in this version, it’s a matter of just a few clicks to create applications that connect to Salesforce. We’ll continue this type of work in the months to come because we also want to connect another popular ERP. Want to know which one? The name has three letters and starts with “S”.
  • Voice Commands: lots of new features in the voice command system for your InDe applications. Now, in addition to running commands, it can also answer your questions!
  • Progressive report loading: now you can use a new technique for feeding data to the report system that makes it possible to load reports progressively, even in non-continuous parts. And on mobile devices, we’ve achieved significant optimizations in rendering performance in the most complex cases.
  • Component handling: compilation times for projects that contain many components imported without sources will be extremely reduced thanks to the optimization of the way their compilation is handled.

You’ll probably have also noticed a new graphic in the IDE presentation. It’s a work in progress that will eventually lead to us adapting the website, the documentation, and graphical themes to the presentation styles that are popular now. As always, looks are important too – sometimes even the most important of all!

I’ll wrap up by asking for your help in finding out whether we’ve reached the goal I talked about in the beginning.

Which update in InDe 13.1 is the most interesting?

  •    New HTML Editor component
  •    Integration with Salesforce
  •    Voice Commands
  •    Progressive report loading
  •    Faster component compilation
  •    All of the above
  •    None of the above
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