Instant Developer 12: Apps for all devices

by Giovanni Foschini on 03/20/2013

A few months ago we announced that with Instant Developer you could create apps for iOS and Android. Today, with publication of release 12 of Instant Developer, we can now say: Apps for all devices.

In fact, there are already mobile applications created by our customers for iOS and Android that can be made instantly available for Microsoft Windows RT as well.

The interest in the mobile world we’ve been talking about for a quite a while now has been confirmed in recent months by an enormous demand for development training in this environment. What’s more, more companies are contacting me specifically because they are looking for solutions that can help them respond to the new demands of the market.

I’m convinced that Instant Developer 12 can help them seize these opportunities, because with a single project you can create mobile applications for the three systems that share the market: iOS, Android, and Windows RT. With the same simplicity and speed of execution you’ve come to know in, it’s helpful even for people without any direct experience in the mobile arena.

In case you missed it, in recent posts we’ve presented the leading innovations in this release:

So, there are lots of new developments in this release. If you haven’t downloaded the free Express version of Instant Developer to try them out, get it here!

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