Instant Developer 12.5 is here

by Giovanni Foschini on 10/23/2013

Many of you have already started using Instant Developer 12.5 in the alpha release to test out some of the new features. As of yesterday, the Final release of Instant Developer 12.5 is available for everyone.

As always, the goal of releases is to keep you on the cutting edge in a world where technology is constantly evolving. To do so, good tech support and good teamwork are vital.

That’s why we’ve improved and expanded the mobile and web application features by offering a way to manage notifications across different devices, implementing native synchronization, and improving the flexibility of the graphic interface with Screen Zones.

In addition, there has been interest from many of you in cloud services and assistance in responding more quickly to the needs of your clients, so this year we’ve released the IDCloud component, with which you can easily integrate services like Dropbox, Gmail, and PayPal into your web and mobile services.

Finally, to help us keep making work better, especially when there are a lot of people involved, we’ve also optimized the Team Works module and made many other improvements that I invite you to read about in the Roadmap or the version 12.5 release notes.

It’s important for us that Instant Developer help you develop your business, and that’s why we’re interested to hear what you’d like to see in 2014.

We have a few ideas of our own, but if there’s something you want, now’s the time to let us know.

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