Instant Developer 12.1, among clouds and caravels

by Giovanni Foschini on 07/02/2013

The final version of Instant Developer 12.1 was released this weekend.

The release of a new version is always an important time, when the work we’ve done over recent months comes together and gets put out there for everyone – work that you’ve had a chance to influence yourselves, through the Roadmap.

In addition to completing support for Windows RT-based devices with the release of Caravel on the Windows Store, which lets you easily test your apps on the device, this version also offers many improvements and fixes.

Without a doubt, one of the most important new arrivals is the new IDCloud that Vittoria introduced in the last post, a component that will let you interact easily with cloud services in your web and mobile applications. In fact, many of you have contacted me to learn more about it.

For us, it’s already time to be thinking about the upcoming 12.5 release scheduled for October, and as always I invite you to use the Roadmap to see what we plan to do and make sure we get your suggestions and preferences. We’ll definitely make another mobile graphical theme that echoes the new iOS7 interface so you’ll be able to prepare a restyling of your apps to coincide with the release of the new Apple operating system.

Come read up on all the new features and activate version 12.1, which you’ll find installed in parallel with the other versions available ( Help -> Show versions).

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