Instant Cloud is here!

by Andrea Maioli on 05/16/2014

We all know how complicated it is to put the web solutions we’ve developed into production: you have to sign a contract with a data center, choose your servers, hope you’ve bought the right ones, install them, and configure them one by one. You need special skills and lots of time.

But now that’s all in the past. Starting today you can activate your subscription to Instant Cloud, which provides you with the power and flexibility of Amazon Web Services, with the simplicity that has always characterized the Instant Developer platform.

What can you do with Instant Cloud? There are three main things:

  1. Inside the Instant Developer IDE, you can create your personal data center with amazing ease: it takes just three clicks to select and activate a server.
  2. Then, open the project with the applications you want to publish or update. This part is even easier; just click the PUBLISH button and everything happens automatically.
  3. While using the applications, you can monitor the servers and manage backups, all from the Instant Cloud console.

But how much does it cost? For all of 2014 Instant Cloud will be completely free, so you’ve got no excuse not to try it out immediately. Starting next year, the prices will be on-demand, meaning a small daily fee for each server being managed, but still far more affordable than managing the data centers by hand! So, the only cost to sustain is for the AWS servers, which dropped a few weeks ago and now compete with any alternate solution.

How do you get started? Just request activation of the service and create an AWS account. I recommend that you read the documentation; it’s not long and it will save you time.

A final piece of advice: try it – it doesn’t cost you a penny more. The experience of being able to create and destroy five servers however you like is really incredible, even just to find out what size is best for the expected work load, and in the end to have spent just a dollar in computing power.

Have you already planned to use servers in the cloud?

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